F 104 x-plane 10

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V1 Buzz Bomb for x-plane 4.65 The rocket boosted F-104A's used by USAF Test Pilots School and NASA astronaut candidates to X-Plane 10 MiG-21M v1.0.
 12 Jan 2012
 27 Sep 2016
 10 Dec 2009 F 104 is an awsome plane, follow the link to a short video. COM: CF-104 For X-Plane simflight.com/2009/12/10/cf-104-for-x-plane/ #fb
 14 Sep 2012 This is just a reupload for the file i accidently deleted, where i also had the permission of Jaques Brault. I just added a pure alu F-104 in the
 Lockheed CF-104 Starfighter now available for X-Plane 10. Check out the CF-104 forum at X-Plane.org for the latest news, tech support, comments from CF-104
 Hey everybody, Unfortunitly, "for me" I didnt understand that X Plane is not just a place to download new planes and such. I so much wanted the
 26 Dec 2009
 19 Apr 2011 Available as a direct download through the X-Plane Store the F-104 package costs $29.95 USD and includes several liveries, online